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Summit County Housing Helps Program


Summit County Housing Helps Program


Did you know that summit county Colorado will give you up to 15% of your purchase price. If You buy a home here, that’s 15% of the purchase price, not just the down payment. Now there is a hitch. The hitch is, you have to be a local or whoever lives in the property has to be a local.

The reason the county is doing this is to preserve housing for the local workforce.

When you purchase the property, the property will become deed restricted. This means that the property has to be lived in by someone who works 30 hours a week in the county.

This program is “Housing Helps’ and it’s different from other deed restricted properties in the county. There’s an extra benefit if you deed restricted property using Housing Helps. It’s not appreciation capped, purpose built deed restricted housing like Wellington Orpik One or the new smiths, Ranson, Silverthorne all have appreciation caps. These are about 2%, which right now is well below inflation rates.

But if you buy a property and you deed restricted using Housing Helps, it doesn’t have that same appreciation cap. Which means that you’re able to use it as an investment and you can ride the wonderful appreciation that we’ve seen here in Summit County.

So if you’re a local who’s looking to buy or you’re an investor who’s interested in helping us preserve local housing for the local workforce. Give me a call, I sold five properties using this last year and I would love to help the county and you preserve more housing for locals.