Deciding If It Is Time To Sell

The first step in selling your home is actually deciding if right now is the time to sell. That decision starts with a conversation about what your goals are. Then we look at what is happening in the market. Those two factors will determine when the optimal time to sell your home, specifically. This meeting can be done over coffee or over Zoom. We’ve done whole deals remotely when necessary.

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Evaluating Your Home

The next step is to evaluate the home's condition. During an in-person tour I’ll gain a better understanding of how your home compares to other homes on the market and what work might help it sell for top dollar. It is important to address any cosmetic or functional problems and discuss potential upgrades or improvements that may bring additional value to your sale. We can evaluate what work needs to be as much as year ahead of listing. Compass Concierge can facilitate and carry the costs of getting your home ready for sale, if need be.

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Choosing An Asking Price

There are many factors to consider in determining a competitive list price for your home, such as location, condition, age, supply and demand, as well as local market conditions. I will create a Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) of similar homes that have recently sold in your area. We use the information gathered from your home evaluation to accurately find the most suitable comparable recent sales. Then we will discuss the different pricing strategies and which will be the most effective in the current market.


Getting Market Ready

Preparing your home to sell can make a big difference in what a buyer is willing to pay for it. Depending on the condition of the home, there are three key considerations: maintenance and repairs, renovations and upgrades, and staging. After your home evaluation we will already have a plan for any work that need to be done prior to sale. To get your home ready for market we might also recommend decluttering, professional cleaning, updating paint colors, and staging. It may even be advantageous to have the home professionally staged. The focus of this process is to prepare your home to make the best first impression with buyers to attract as many offers as possible.


Marketing Your Home

When the home is ready for market, I will have professional photography and virtual home tour taken. Depending on your type of property we might include drone photography and additional videos. Then your home will be listed on the local MLS and syndicated to all the major listing site. Additional advertising methods will include some combination of the following: online advertising, email newsletters to my network of agents nationwide, social posts, print advertising in key markets, and more. Creating a personalized plan to market your home will help attract the interest of the right buyer.


Home Showings

Once your home has been listed, home showings will begin. Depending on the market and your type of property we might host open houses and broker tours. Typically, the homeowner is not present for home showings, but you will be notified in advance of any appointments, and showings can be scheduled during specific times to avoid inconvenience. Our goal is to creat an inviting and welcoming atmosphere for buyers touring the home so they can envision themselves living there.


Receiving Offers

An offer, or multiple offers, will be made by a buyer, which you may accept, counter, or reject. If a counter is made, we will enter a period of negotiation until an agreement is reached by all parties, or you choose to reject the latest counter. Negotiations can involve many factors, including settling on a sale price, concessions and timeframes. Once all parties reach an agreement, you will officially be under contract! All paperwork can be reviewed and sign digitally from wherever you are.


Appraisal & Inspection

Once an agreement is reached, the buyer may order a professional inspection and appraisal to evaluate the condition and value of the home. Depending on the results of these reports, we may enter another round of negotiations until an agreement is reached by all parties. Depending on the negotiation strategy, you may choose to complete repairs requested by the buyer in order to optimize other negotiation factors.



It is common for sellers to sign paperwork ahead of the actual closing. Either when you make a trip to move your belongings out of the house or if you are closing remotely you’ll sign ahead of time so you can mail the paperwork back. Once the paperwork is signed by all parties and the buyers funds have been delivered, the title company will wire the net proceeds of the sale to your bank account, and your home will officially be sold!