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More Online Views Equal More Sales


More Online Views Equal More Sales

Being a successful Realtor has always been about being about to get in touch with the right people.

It is about being connecting and knowing how to get in front of people. Here in Summit County, 65% of homeowners live somewhere else for part of the year. So to be an effective Realtor we have to on top of technology since we can’t see them in person.

The more people I know how to reach the faster I can connect buyers and sellers.

I’m always seeking opportunities to learn more ways to reach people where they are.  And where are people these days? Online. That’s why I’ve been so excited about Clubhouse. It’s a new live audio app that lets you connect with experts on so many topics, especially online marketing.
Recently I was in a Clubhouse room with Dennis Yu and Jason Pantana where they were talking about reaching more people online. They talked about how to rank in Google and how best to run online advertising. The group brainstormed content that could be shared across social media platforms.

If you have a small business too you might like this next tip. Youtube now has #shorts that are like Tiktoks and Reels. You can take a TikTok you made then share it on Instagram as a Reel and on Youtube as a #short. Triple your value for just a little bit more work.

My two biggest takeaways?

Your website needs to have at least 100 pages to rank Google search results and unorginal content won’t rank in search.

Google can tell when you are repurposing someone else’s content. I’ve always had a vision of Own Your Summit being a hub of information. These takeaways give me another reason to create more blogs, more resources. The better my site ranks, the more valuable information I can share online, the more people I can reach. Better reach means I can help my sellers sell faster and my buyers find the right home sooner.