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Who is Ullr? Why is He Everywhere in Breckenridge?


Who is Ullr? Why is He Everywhere in Breckenridge?

Who is Ullr? And why is he everywhere in Breck?

There is a statue of a Norseman holding a spear tipped with a snowflake on Park Street and another statue of a giant glittering archer at the base of Peak 8.

Both of these are depictions of Ullr, Breckenridge’s chosen patron god.

Ullr is a Norse god, called both the God of Snow and the God of Sport.

Ullr’s chosen sports are skiing, skating, and bow hunting. Here in Breckenridge, we love few things more than snow and skiing.
Breckenridge prays to Ullr to bring snow. You’ll hear locals jokingly say “pray to Ullr” from time to time throughout the Winter. January is when the town parties in Ullr’s honor together. Ullr Fest started in 1963 as a way to bring crowds to the brand new ski resort.

Why Ullr? We can thank the Norwegians who ran the original ski school for sharing their culture.

Since 1963 Breckenridge locals and visitors have celebrated the god of snow together in the hopes that he brings us a great ski season. There was a decades-long pause on the party when it became too much for the small town of Breckenridge to manage. The party we know today has existed for decades.

From a world record-setting shotski to ski races down Main street to ice lunges and a bonfire there is so much to celebrate.

If you haven’t had a chance to witness Ullr Fest for yourself, grab a horned hat, and book a vacation for next January.

Images courtesy of:  Summit Daily