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All The Ways to Market Your Home


All The Ways to Market Your Home


On the internet and in the real world there are many ways to market a property. All strong real estate marking starts with beautiful photos but that’s for another article. This article is about what we do with those photos.

Not all Realtors market properties using the same channels. Some still prefer print advertising over digital. Some don’t believe that listings can be sold through social media. You’ll see I embrace the power of digital marketing. The best modern marketing starts online to attract people to make real-world actions.
Here are the different ways that I market a property
MLS stands for Multiple Listing System. This is the platform where we upload your listing so all the other Realtors in our area can search for it. The MLS also syndicates to websites like Zillow,, and other brokerages’ websites. Putting your listing on MLS means it will show up on hundreds of websites where buyers are searching.
I email out your listing to every Realtor in our MLS. We want to put it right in there inbox, just incase they didn’t see it in search. Additionally, I email each new listing to over 200 agents who I have connected with in the 3 three top markets. I built this list by identifying the cities where most Summit County buyers come from.
 I am constantly working to generate a list of interested buyers. This list includes buyers I meet in person at open houses as well as those who I find by running online ads. This list is means we have direct contact information for buyers. I email my newest listings to these buyers and personally call the buyers who would be the most interested. Your house will sell faster when we show it to potential buyers rather than waiting for them to find it on their own.
This list of buyers isn’t something that all Realtors have. Make sure to ask about it when you are interviewing listing agents.
 In addition to the general ads that I run to attract buyers, I also run ads for each specific listing, your listing. Many buyers who could be interested in your home don’t live here, they are visiting on vacation. Through specific settings we able to target the buyers who are most likely to buy YOUR property. Online ads can follow those buyers home too. Some brokerages still encourage marketing in magazines available for visitors to pick up around town. With print we are hoping, waiting got potential buyers pick up a magazine. Through online advertising, we can directly target buyers to PUT your house in front of their eyes. Think social media is only for the kids? Over 55% of Facebook users are over the age of 35. Open houses give the public, people like you, a change to tour a listing without having to set up a showing. Broker opens are open houses that are only open to other Brokers. A broker open gives other Realtors a chance to tour the house, learn more about it. This is beneficial because one Broker could have more than one buyer who is interested.
The most successful open houses and broker opens are promoted before they happen. You wouldn’t expect people to show up to a party they didn’t know about and open houses are the same. I use social ads, direct emails to realtors and my list of buyers plus, of course, open house signs posted day off. Many of our buyers in Summit County live elsewhere for at least part of the year. I run virtual open houses for those buyers who aren’t in town that weekend.

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