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Breckenridge’s New Short Term Rental Zones


Breckenridge's New Short Term Rental Zones


In November of 2021, the town of Breckenridge put a cap on new short-term rental licenses from November of 2021 until about now. That meant you were gonna have to get on a waitlist and wait and see how long it took you to get a license. Because we had about 800 or so licenses above the cap. They started receiving feedback in Spring and the town of Breck proposed new zones. This allowed the caps on structural licenses to match the intended uses of each neighborhood. It is now August of 2022 and those new zones have been put into place. These changes mean that it is now possible to get a short-term rental license in Breckenridge if you are buying within the right Zone. See what the new map looks like to understand the changes.

There are additional properties added to the resort zones which we see in the yellow zone. Zone One now has an available license that you can get. Zone two is only over its cap by 12 licenses so, while you can’t get one right now the odds of you getting one is better than when you had to wait on a waitlist. Zone three though if you’re buying a property in that area basically pretend like nothing has changed because that area is zone three which we see in blue still will only allow 10% of properties to get short-term rental licenses. They still have between 850 and 900 licenses above the cap that was set for that area. So, if you are looking to get a property in Breckenridge close to the slopes in which case you should go and watch one of my short-term licensing videos to learn about those rules. 

These rules only apply to the town of Breck but if you’re looking to buy a short-term rental property in the town of Breckenridge we probably want to look in the green and yellow highlighted areas. I can set up a custom search for you so that we’re only looking at properties that are actually eligible. and then to confirm their property is eligible the town of Breckenridge has an interactive GIS map where you can put in a property address to see if it is eligible. 

My name is Betsy Repaske, I’m a realtor here in Breckenridge Colorado. If you’re looking to buy a property that you can short-term rent or just a property to use as your vacation home or primary home you can find my contact information in the description below. 

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