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Summit County’s New Proposed Short-Term Rental Restrictions


Summit County's New Proposed Short-Term Rental Restrictions

The moratorium on new short-term rental licenses in Summit County will end on March 23rd, 2023. The county has recently released the proposed new rules and caps on the number of licenses. The proposed new caps would significantly reduce the number of short term rental licenses in the unincorporated parts of the county.

The Summit County Board Of County Commissioners lists their goals for these new changes as follows.
  1. Local Workforce Housing: Maintain the housing stock that exists for locals; develop
    regulations that prioritize and preserve long-term rentals and locally owned housing units.
  2. Neighborhood Character: Create long-lasting STR regulations that preserve the historic,
    long-term residential character of Summit County’s neighborhoods and recognize the differing
    nature of the resort areas.
  3. Reduce Conflicts: Identify areas where STRs conflict with the primary residential uses
    established in the traditional neighborhoods and adopt regulations that reduce impacts and
    mitigate changes due to STRs.
  4. Balance: Summit County is a community with abundant resort amenities, long-standing locals’
    neighborhoods, and is a desirable place for second-homeowners; regain the balance between
    local residents, non-STR second homes, and STRs.
  5. Clear Regulations: Adopt regulations that are straight-forward, easy to understand, and easily enforceable.
Here is a summary of the proposed new limits on short term rental licenses.  Below are the new limits proposed by the BoCC.  These are not the final limits and it sounds like they will be slightly higher. 
These changes would impact all short term rentals in unincorperated parts of Summit County by September 2025. 

You can find the full PDF of all the proposed new rules at the button below. This link goes to the county page where on going updates are posted.

Limits on short-term rentals impact homes values. Click below to see how your home values has changed.